Q&A with LAB student Yar from Ukraine

"One Thursday Morning" video - Australian culture

LAB student Yar documented one of his LAB excursions in a video called "One Thursday Morning". Yar comes from Ukraine, was working as a TV director in a production studio and has been involved in this line of work for 17 years. He is here at LAB in order to improve his English skills and in turn take these skills back home to use them in the production of various travel shows which contain information about global travel destinations.

LAB: How has your experience at LAB been? 

Yar: This is my first experience in an English school. When I arrived in Melbourne, I chose between several schools and when I came to LAB from the first minutes I wanted to stay here. Friendly and caring staff created a warm and cozy environment. Later I got to know Geoff Ashton, a beautiful teacher and my wonderful fellow students and I realized that I'm fortunate to be in this school.

LAB: Tell us a little bit about your job back home?

Yar: For the last five years I've been working as a director of a production studio called “Teen Spirit Studio” and shooting a popular TV travel show "Head and Tails" across the world. Each program tells of one in the world from two perspectives: a traveler which is unlimited financially, and another traveler which is totally money-saver. At the beginning of each program, both hosts, the travelers throw a coin to determine which of them will hold unlimited weekend with a gold credit card, and who will get only $ 100 for two days. On this project I managed to visit different parts of our planet, about 100 countries and more than 170 cities.

LAB: What is your plan in Melbourne?                              

Yar: While I am in Melbourne, I will make every effort to ensure that every week the level of my English would rise.

LAB:What has been the best part and the most challenging part of your journey so far?

Yar: I like to travel, and the best part of any trip I consider meeting interesting people and of course contemplating about our beautiful world.

LAB: What’s next? Do you have any plans?

Yar: My plan is to raise the level of English to be able to communicate freely and to return to my team, where I can continue my career reaching new heights in my wonderful project.

LAB: Do you have any advice for future students at LAB?

Yar: As a beginner, I think, the only advice I can give is based on my short experience at LAB. While in school speak English with everyone even with fellow countrymen, to help them and yourself!

LAB: Do you have any advice for students that want to come to Melbourne and learn English?

Well, if you want to learn English in Melbourne - then act! Fly to Melbourne and sign up at this school, this is an awesome place to learn English.

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May 31, 2018
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