The World's Most Liveable City

Melbourne is the cultural capital of Australia, which makes it the perfect location of one of the country’s leading English-language schools. The city is proudly multicultural, embracing cultural diversity and many of Victoria’s scenic destinations are strikingly unique. 

In Melbourne’s central business district (CBD), the small laneways become the canvas for an array of world-class street art, appreciated by locals and tourists alike. Melbourne also is renowned for its coffee culture, again owing to its rich multicultural history. The city boasts many different ethnic pockets, providing a culturally authentic range of fantastic food, much of which is available in and around the campus location, satisfying every taste.

No mention of Melbourne would be complete without reference to the city’s thriving café culture and music scene.  When in Melbourne there is never a shortage of a new band to see.

For any student interested in seeing more of Australia, Melbourne is a short flight to Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Tasmania, so there are lots of opportunities for a weekend away.

The most useful general websites for international students are:

Why come to Melbourne? 

  • In 2017, it was awarded Australia’s best student city and the 5th best in the world
  • High standard quality of living - multicultural environment 
  • Diverse scenery including snow-capped mountains, stunning beaches, desert and historic towns.
  • World-class restaurants and cafes 
  • Free tram zone along CBD area
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