Find your new voice with a new language!

Expand your horizons and broaden your mind.

Learning a new language is beneficial in all areas of life: opening up job opportunities, travelling with confidence, expanding your network or just exploring a new hobby. With so many options to choose from you can decide how much time you want to invest.


Practice your new voice with a native speaker

You will be partnered with a native speaker teacher (Language Mentor) who can take you through all the finer points of the language.

Your LAB Language Mentor will focus on your specific needs, such as conversation, writing, pronunciation, etc.

Students can sign up for hourly classes or buy a package of ten one-hour classes.

No matter the reason, LAB Melbourne will help you find your new voice in 3 different languages!

Languages offered:

  • Spanish *
  • French *
  • Japanese *


Course Details

Class focus | According to your needs and requirements
Hours per week | 1 - 20 hours
Language levels | Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Maximum class size | 1 person
Duration | 1 - 50 weeks
Start dates | Any day

Can be combined with group lessons to create a more complete program.

*group lessons coming soon!

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