Things you should know before you arrive

You're ready to set off on a journey to one of the most beautiful cities in the world and to learn English language skills that will take you places. Here are a few suggestions to get you on your way for an enriching experience that will last a lifetime.

What to bring?

Australia has everything you'll need. You'll find specialty grocery stores with foods from around the world at reasonable prices. But don't forget to bring the following important documents:

  • Valid Passport
  • Student visa
  • International driver's license (make a request with your local transport authorities before you leave)
  • Medical report (if applicable)
  • Medicine prescriptions (if required)

How to Find LAB's Melbourne Campus

Our campus is located at 250 Collins St., Melbourne CBD (Central Business District). Trams that pass in a short walk from campus are:

  • Along Collins St: 12, 109, 48 and 11
  • Along Swanston St.: 3, 67, 16, 3, 64, 5, 6 and 72

Getting around is easy

Melbourne has several different options to get around in and out of town.

Melbourne has an extensive tram network all around CBD and outer areas. Free in the CBD area!

Melbourne tram network
TramTracker app - Find out when your tram is coming via your iPhone or Android device.

Important: you need to get your Myki card to be able to take the tram/ train, you can get it at any train station, some tram stops or any 7-Eleven convenience store.


There are 15 train lines available from the CBD to outer suburbs. Victorian Train Network


If you live in the outer suburbs, buses might be more suitable for you. Bus network


This can be a cheap alternative depending on how long you have to commute to school. You can rent a bike per hour/ day starting at $3 AUD or buy one starting from $100 AUD.

Health Insurance

If you are a student in Australia, you must have health insurance throughout the length of your visa. Whether you are on a Tourist or Working Holiday visa, we advise you to acquire overseas visitor’s health insurance before you arrive, to keep yourself safe during your stay in Australia.

LAB in Melbourne recommends BUPA, advise you Student advisor when you apply if you need help to set your insurance up.

Airport transportation

Airport Pick-Up - Take the stress out of arriving in a new city. You can book an airport pick up from Melbourne Tullamarine through us before you leave home. Note this requirement on your Application Form, or ask your Admissions Advisor.

Skybus – shuttle bus service from Tullamarine and Avalon airport to Melbourne city starts at $18 AUD.

Taxi – airport to Melbourne city average price is $50 to $80 AUD (depending on traffic and drop-off location).

Uber – airport to Melbourne city average price is $35 to $60 AUD (depending on traffic and drop-off location).

Mobile phone

Connect your own – if you bring your mobile, there are several ways and companies you can connect with. Easiest way to connect is to buy a SIM card starting at $20 AUD (price depends on how many GB you wish to have).

Australia’s main telecommunication companies

Call home from Australia & time difference

Do not try to contact your family while they are sleeping! Time difference between Melbourne and home!

Electronic Devices

Australia uses Type I outlet the nominal tension of 220 volts with an alternating current of 50 watts. If your country has a different voltage, be sure to get an adapter for your electronic devices. Be sure to inquire what are the best solutions for you. Here is a website link that may help:

Adaptors or converters

*Adaptors allow you to plug your electronic devices in foreign sockets while converters convert electrical tension.

How to get a job

While on a student visa you can work up to 40 hours per fortnight (14 days) during the semester and unlimited hours during semester break. Australia has laws guaranteeing fundamental workplace rights, including minimum pay and conditions. You should always be paid for work that you do, including training and trial shifts and be paid at least once a month, receiving a payslip within one working day of being paid.

What do I need to find a job?

  • Resume
  • TFN – Tax File Number
  • Bank account

Need help to write your resume? Join our Job Club (optional activity) where we help you write your resume and share some tips on how to find a job. Ask for more information to your Admissions Advisor.

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