Learning a language is easier than you think!

Languages Across Border's part-time foreign group courses are your passport to convenience, flexibility and variety. They’re just the ticket to enjoying travel abroad, conversing with friends and family in another country, gaining confidence in your studies and social life and benefiting from career opportunities. 

Choose from an array of international languages, at all levels of proficiency, and study in a supportive, intimate environment. Levels: beginner, intermediate, upper intermediate and advanced With a convenient choice of evening or weekend courses juggle your work-life balance while you study. 

The intimate class size is a comfortable place to focus on conversation, interact with your class-mates and enhance your fluency in personal, professional and travel situations.

A world of possibilities:

  • Learn key expressions and quickly speak with confidence
  • Gain an appreciation for the culture
  • Enjoy a flexible learning schedule with after-work classes
  • Receive comprehensive, accessible and high-quality language training


  • 30 hours per level 
  • Evening classes: two hours, twice a week
  • Saturday morning: three hours, once a week

Evening courses (18h30 – 20h30)

**Accelerated sessions (18h15 – 20h45)





January 23/24

March 13/14


March 20/21

May 8/9


May 27/28

July 4/10


July 22/23

August 28/29

FALL 1**

September 4/5

October 15/16


October 23/24

December 11/12


Saturday courses (9h – 12h)





January 26

March 30


April 13

June 15


July 6

September 7


September 21

November 23


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