Cultured, Vibrant & Filled with Life

Montréal is home to many universities and colleges, including LAB sister campus LaSalle College. The city is alive with young people and filled with students from around the globe. It’s a vibrant hub of culture, learning and fun with some of the most significant cultural festivals in the world, including the Montréal Jazz Festival, Montréal International Fireworks Festival and the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival. Along with being a hotspot for food and arts, Montréal, a UNESCO city of design, includes must-see architectural gems in Old Montréal and the Old Port. 

Cost of living

Montréal is a city where you can live comfortably with a reasonable revenu. The cost of living is relatively lower than other cosmopolitan cities.

Montréal climate

Montréal is known for having four completely distinct seasons, each with their own set of activities to keep a student’s life full of opportunities. Staying connected with the movements of the city’s population helps international students understand the Canadian economy and meet new people in various industries.

Montréal , a green city

Many Quebecois are sensitive to environmental causes. Recycling is practiced in most boroughs and fees may be charged if city-dwellers throw away recyclable material. Montrealers like cleanliness. Caring for the environment is a sign of respect for the city and its inhabitants.


French is Quebec’s official language, but in Montréal, the city is for the most part, fully bilingual. In fact, 50% of Montrealers speak both languages fluently.

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