Boost your professional skills

This course is designed to improve students' business English vocabulary and help them gain confidence to communicate effectively in English in various business situations. A wide range of activities, including dialogues, exercises, and role-playing are used throughout the Business English program to encourage communication among students. 

The curriculum is designed to improve technical grammar, business vocabulary and give students the English skills needed to communicate with teams and business partners at work and speak English with confidence in a professional environment.

During the course you will learn:

Week 1 | Cover Letters and Resumes
Week 2 | Communications/ Meetings
Week 3 | Company Structure and Organization/ Field Trips
Week 4 | Marketing/ Intercultural Business/ Business Ethics

Course Details

Class focus | Communication skills, English Fluency, Vocabulary building specific to Business
Hours per week | 15 hours
Language levels | Intermediate, Advanced
Maximum class size | 16 students (Average 14 students)
Duration| 4 weeks

Can be combined with another class to create a full-time program (30 hours/week).

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Tell us which program interest you
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