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Diploma programs offer a specific focus for four weeks and help you achieve a specific goal. Students who successfully complete the program receive a Languages Across Borders Diploma certificate. All diploma programs are 15 hours per week and can be combined with another class to create a full-time program of 30 hours per week.

Students are required to attend the complete 4 weeks and present a final project or pass the final exam to receive a diploma. The Diploma programs are filled on a first come, first serve basis. 

Level Requirements

Listening & Accent Reduction  
Business English     +
English for Effective Communication   + +
Job Readiness   +
IELTS Preparation              +

Start Dates

2020 Diploma
Jan 6 Listening & Accent Reduction
Feb 3 English for Effective Communication/ IELTS Prep
Mar 2 Business English / Job Readiness
Mar 30 Listening & Accent Reduction
May 4 IELTS Preparation
Jun 1 English for Effective Communication
Jul 6 Business English
Aug 4 Job Readiness
Aug 31 Listening & Accent Reduction
Oct 5 Job Readiness / IELTS Preparation
Nov 2 English for Effective Communication / Business English
Nov 30 IELTS Preparation

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