Improve Fluency and Confidence

This class is intended to help participants improve their fluency and become confident speaking in front of a group. 

Whether you are responsible for teaching new skills, managing a project, leading a team or demonstrating a product, this course will develop the skills you need to feel confident using English in your professional life. 


English for Effective Communication class Vancouver

This 4-week intensive program is intended to help participants understand the influence their native language, culture, body language and learning style may have on their communication. A variety of role-plays, case studies, group discussions and interactive presentations will help students gain insight into the best ways to analyze, understand and interact with others successfully.

Students have numerous opportunities to practice speaking and debating in English, improve their pronunciation, fluency and active listening skills, as well gain valuable insight into the best ways of interacting with others successfully. 


During this course, you will learn

Week 1 | Interpersonal Communication 
Week 2 | Active Listening 
Week 3 | Leading a Group Discussion 
Week 4 | Public Speaking and Debating 

Course Details

Course focus | Communication skills and strategies, Fluency, Vocabulary building 
Hours per week | 15 hours 
Language levels |
Intermediate, Advanced 
Maximum class size |
16 students (Average 14 students) 
Duration |
4 weeks

Start Dates| February, June and November

Can be combined with another class to create a full-time program (30 hours/week).

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