Supansa Thongsuk - We are all the same exhibition

LAB student Supansa Thongsuk is having an exhibition opening 16 March at 6 pm |  "We are all the same" at Blackcat Gallery in Collingwood.

Supansa came to Australia to improve her English at Languages Across Borders which she believes is important for his career. "I chose Melbourne because There are a lot of opportunity to show my art skill. There are very nice art Museums. The best Street art."

Supansa Thongsuk exhibition description:

"Why apples?

What do you think differentiates each apple? The Look, shape, colour, type, what else? The eaten apples in my paintings were from me, and a Brazilian person, an Australian person, a New Zealander, a Chinese person, a Japanese, Korean, Indian, Ecuadorian, Columbian, Mexican, British and a Ukrainian. All of which are my friends and new acquaintances.

Not only were these people quite different from each other in terms of their body, skin colour, and physical appearance, they also vary in culture, belief, and religion. But the one thing I have noticed that these individuals have in common is their hunger. In my recent journey overseas, I have encountered countless egocentric people who insist that their culture and language is high and above all others. This is expressed through discriminatory comments, attitude, and body language. This led me to the ultimate question “How am I so different from you?”

"If two different people supposedly cut themselves open, the same red blood would come flowing out of both humans."

I would propose instead that we turn our focus away from what separates us. Yes, we are all different and, essentially, 
we are all the same."

Event: We are all the same Exhibition
Where: Blackcat Gallery - 95 Johnston St, Collingwood
When: March 14 to 25

Opening night: 16 March - 6 - 8 pm

If you want to see more of her work visit her Facebook or Instagram
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March 16, 2018
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