LaSalle College in Surabaya, Indonesia welcomes LAB Melbourne

LAB Melbourne is launching our LAB Global English Language Program (GEP)

This week LaSalle College in Surabaya hosts Petar Stojanovic, Academic Manager of Languages Across Borders in Melbourne.

Students were invited to a public lecture held by Petar at LaSalle College in Surabaya to learn about our Global English Program.

What is the GEP?

Program details:

The GEP or Global English Program is a 45 week intensive English language program designed to prepare students to study abroad in English-medium colleges and universities within the LCI Education Network. Upon successful completion of the program, students exit with the necessary skills for success in academic life abroad. Skills such as:

  • ​Critical thinking
  • Essay writing
  • Referencing (avoiding plagiarism)
  • Conventions of academic communication
  • Dialogic discussion

Strategic selling points:
  • Intensive English Language instruction for study abroad candidates
  • Progress from non-English user level to Expert user within 1 year
  • High quality academia supported by significant research and practice in the field
  • All-in-one resource pack for teachers 
  • Extend brand reach to untapped markets where English language ability presents barriers to further education
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March 25, 2018