Our English Courses

LAB Vancouver curriculum is designed to balance structure and course options. We have an excellent selection of English courses that allow students to focus on their areas of interest and overcome their weaknesses. Students select the courses they are interested in and create tailored full-time programs that match perfectly with their needs.

Students have the flexibility to change their program weekly (some exceptions may apply) which allows them to get the most out of their experience at LAB. Our curriculum is divided into three key components: conversational, academic and activity components.

Discover our courses in Vancouver

General English

The General English course uses a weekly theme-based curriculum to help students learn to speak and communicate effectively in English. Learn more

Listening & Pronunciation

The Listening & Pronunciation class is designed to help students develop clear speech and increase their English listening skills. Learn more

Business English

This course is designed to improve students’ Business English vocabulary and help them gain confidence to communicate effectively in English in various business situations. Learn more

English for Effective Communication

This class is intended to help participants improve their fluency and become confident speaking in front of a group. Learn more

Job Readiness

This course is intended to give students the extra boost they need in order to find an entry-level job in Canada or apply for international jobs where the work is primarily done in English. Learn more

Diploma Programs

Each month LAB in Vancouver features a Diploma Program to help students achieve their specific English language goals. Students who successfully complete the program receive a LAB Diploma. Learn more

Listening & Accent Reduction

This class helps students with accent reduction, clear speaking, and listening comprehension, and thereby improving their overall communication skills. Learn more

English + Arts Certificate

This program allows students to improve their English skills before being introduced to the world of Creative Arts at LaSalle College. Learn more

Foreign Language Courses

Learning a new language is beneficial in all areas of your life: opening up job opportunities, travelling with confidence, expanding your network or just exploring a new hobby. With the option of once or twice a week you can decide how much time you want to invest. Learn more

Online Academic English

Want to improve your English without traveling to our LAB Destinations or even leaving your own home? Thanks to new technologies, now you can get the same quality LAB education online. Learn more

Fluency Plus

You have learned the grammar and sentence structure, and you signed up for our new Fluency+ course to enhance your range of speech. Fluency Plus gives you a chance to put your skills into use in a fun and interactive way. Learn more

Power Vocabulary

Want to get even more out of your LAB Vancouver experience? Power Vocabulary gives you the opportunity to advance your vocabulary for daily use! Learn more

IELTS Test Preparation

This class is intended for students who wish to focus on the skills required to succeed on the official IELTS exam. Learn more

Pathway Program

LAB in Vancouver's Pathway Program is designed to provide students with the academic skills necessary to succeed in post-secondary studies. Learn more

Winter, Spring & Summer Camps

Learn English, meet friends from around the world, and experience Vancouver at the same time with our Winter and Summer camps programs. Learn more

Private Lessons

Meet your goals by having one-on-one lessons with one of our professional, friendly, helpful teachers. Learn more

Senior 50+ Program

The Golden Experience Program is designed for senior students who wish to brush up on their English skills and enjoy the most popular tourist destinations that Vancouver has to offer. Learn more

Evening Part-time Courses

Evening Part-time group courses offer convenience, flexibility and variety. You will gain the confidence you need for social (community), academic (school), and professional (work) situations. Learn more

Our Language Levels

LAB Vancouver has 10 levels of English from Beginner to Advanced. Students are given written and oral assessment tests on their first day of classes. Courses will be assigned to students according to their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.

+ Beginner Levels | 1 to 3
+ Intermediate Levels | 4 to 6
+ Advanced Levels | 7 to 10
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Class hours

Full-time Program

Full-time students can choose two courses, one in the morning and one in the afternoon (e.g. Practical Conversation in the morning and Academic English in the afternoon). This program consists of 30 hours/week.

- Days begin at 9:00 AM
- Days end at 4:00 PM


For students who want to improve their English and give their vocabulary a boost while still having time to explore the city. The program is a combination of General English* and a Power Vocabulary elective. This program consists of 21 hours/week.

- Days begin at 9:00 AM
- Days end at 2:30 PM

Part-time Program

Part-time students can choose one program in the morning or in the afternoon or a NEW option which consists of taking classes in the evening. This program consists of 15 hours/week.

- Morning Part-time | 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
- Afternoon Part-time | 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM
- Evening Part-time | Tuesday + Thursday in the evening from 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM

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Tell us which program interest you
What information would you like to receive?
Questions or concerns